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Excess Skin and Weight Loss

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Excess Skin and Weight Loss

Dr. Patricia, I have recently begun planning a healthier lifestyle and am aiming to lose a rather large amount of weight to do so. My question is what will happen to my skin? Will it shrink along with my body mass? I have heard some say that skin will not shrink down when you lose … Read more

The Importance of Skin Reconstruction

Skin is our largest organ in the human body. It guards the underlying system of muscles, bones, ligaments, and our internal organs. Skin is also our first line of defense again the environment and has many important functions that keep us living. Functions include protection again pathogens, excessive water loss, insulation, temperature regulation, sensation and … Read more

How Long Does Facelift Surgery Last?

When considering plastic surgery, specifically a facelift or any type of facial plastic surgery, you have to weigh the benefits versus the risks.  One important benefit to consider is certainly how long will the results last, right?  If you undergo an invasive surgery like a facelift, you want to know that the results you see … Read more

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery can improve the appearance and proportion of your nose. Individuals considering undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, also known as nose reshaping, should have a clear idea of the results that they want, understand the recovery process and that the surgery has limitations. Here we list 5 things a patient needs to know before … Read more