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Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal

If you haven’t seen a photograph of Cheryl Cole’s new body art recently, you might want to Google it. The thorny rose tattoo has not only put thorns in her a very large area of her lower back and behind but also thorn in her fans as they vocally shared their opinions on social media … Read more

Plastic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery is helping an increasing number of men and women in Atlanta and throughout the United States to overcome obesity. In many patients, massive weight loss results in excess skin and fat that is left from the expansion of skin, loss of fat and lack of tissue elasticity that often occurs after a … Read more

Exercise is Not Only Good for Your Body

Exercise can be very difficult for some people. It takes a good amount of effort and your body to receive any benefits from it. Once you do start on that exercise track, you will immediately thank yourself. Here are a few ways that exercise can benefit not only your body but also your mind, soul, … Read more