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3 Things to Know about Breast Augmentation Recovery

Posted by admin in Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is known to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures done among women. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that 27% of all cosmetic surgeries done 2012 were some form of breast augmentation. Of course all patients who undergo breast surgery do their homework and are fully aware of the recovery process, however, New Jersey breast augmentation patients say they can always use hints on what to expect during the recovery phase. Some patients experience unique bruising or swelling that can often cause concern or questions to arise. Here is some basic information that can reassure breast augmentation patients when it comes to swelling, bruising, massaging, and the use of a surgical bra.


Swelling and Bruising – Typically patients can expect swelling to last for a few weeks, with a significant improvements between weeks 4 and 6. All patients will encounter some bruising, but several patients get nervous about the amount of bruising and how long it will last. When you notice excessive bruising or Hematoma you will most likely experience one of your breasts feeling tighter than the other, the pain will keep increasing and you may see uneven sizing of breasts. If you are a slender person, it’s important to remember that implants are placed under the muscle which can cause an oblong bulge in the upper quadrant. This will subside over time as well.


Massaging – First off the purpose of massaging is simply to stretch the area around the implants preventing something known as capsular contracture. What tends to happen during the recovery process is the pocket becomes too tight, squeezing the implant, compressing the normal shape into a ball which can lead to significant pain. The massaging exercise of very gently pushing the implant, massaging it in a downward, medial and lateral directions, while avoiding any upward motions can prevent capsular contracture.


Surgical Bra, Yes or No -Most plastic surgeons in New Jersey specializing in breast augmentation require the use of a surgical bra to protect the tissue, hold the dressing in place, control swelling and adds support, especially when it comes to larger implants. On the other hand several patients have found that the extra pressure that comes with the support of a surgical bra can increase discomfort.

So many patients get nervous when they notice some abnormalities, but it’s important to realize that the most significant changes will be seen between the first 6 to 12 weeks after the procedure.

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