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Bigger Isn’t Always Better – 4 Reasons Why Women Love Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast reduction surgery, also known as Reduction Mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of extra fat and glandular tissue from the breast to reduce weight and size.

Overly large breasts can cause women both emotional and health problems. Many women in New York City choose breast reduction as a way of alleviating or eliminating chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. Overly large breasts can also cause poor posture and cause women to suffer from deep indentations in their shoulders from bra straps. The heaviness of large breasts can also cause the skin to stretch resulting in sagging and in some cases the enlargement of the areola. In addition to physical health problems, women with large breasts can also be very self-conscious about their breasts.

Breast reduction can be performed at any age, but plastic surgeons usually recommend waiting until breast development has completed. Childbirth and breast-feeding can also have significant and unpredictable effects on the size and shape of your breasts.

According to, 95% of patients who undergo breast reduction surgery say it was worth it. The 4 major reasons why women consider breast reduction procedures are:

Eliminate Pain: The weight of oversized breasts can cause many women to experience chronic or long-lasting pain in the back, neck and shoulders.

Sagging: Naturally oversized breasts often fight a losing battle with gravity, which results in sagging.

Better clothing options: Some women also find it difficult to buy clothes that fit their shape, even those with otherwise tiny frames have to buy extra-large tops just to cover their big breasts adequately, and the results can be either unflattering or inappropriate.

Skin Irritation: It is common for women with oversized breasts to develop yeast infections, rashes and other skin irritations beneath the breasts. It can be difficult to keep this area dry if sweat cannot evaporate.

Because our bodies are all different, it is important to consult your local cosmetic plastic surgeon about your concerns.

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