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A Pulmonologist New Jersey is a doctor who specializes in a particular branch of internal medicine. He or she has studied extensively in the area of medicine that pertains to diseases and conditions of the chest such as, pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, and emphysema. Physicians working in the field of pulmonology NJ are often responsible for … Read more

A pulmonology study conducted at the Public Health Institute and the University of California Center for Health Policy Research in Los Angeles has found that over 2.5 million children are exposed to secondhand/passive smoke in the state. The researchers found that African American children are at greatest risk since 13.4 percent of these children were … Read more

A pulmonology study conducted at the University of Giessen Lung Center in Germany and published in the journal, Cell, indicates that medication can reverse lung damage. The study was conducted on mice, exposing the animals to tobacco smoke. Prior to developing emphysema, the mice began to develop blood vessel changes and pulmonary high blood pressure … Read more