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When you want to travel for business purposes, vacations, or simple pleasures, Travel Medicine New Jersey can help prepare you for the challenge ahead. Travel health specialists provide health care information, travel shots, immunization, travel products, and health insurances. As soon as your itinerary is prepared, contact the nearest travel health clinic to ensure preparedness … Read more

The recent flooding in Thailand could cause a dengue fever epidemic in the country, which is cause for worry among locals, travelers, and travel medicine professionals. As a result, UNICEF (the children’s fund of the United Nations) and the Save the Children charity have pledged $300,000 for disease prevention. Twenty thousand mosquito nets will be … Read more

In a recent study that will be relevant to travel medicine professionals, a new vaccine for malaria has reduced infections in children by about 50%. The study was conducted in Agogo, Ghana, Africa at Agogo Presbyterian Hospital. The vaccine, which is called RTS,S, was studied for two decades at a cost of over $400 million. … Read more