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How to Choose an OB GYN New Jersey or a Gynecologist NJ for Yourself?

Posted by floriza in OB/GYN

Think about it, an OB-GYN deals with the most intimate part of the female body. They evaluate female vaginal health, reproductive health and the health of a developing fetus inside the pregnant uterus. For most women, that means baring themselves on an uncomfortable white bed with the feet elevated so that a total stranger can look at their most private parts. It’s not easy and it can be very humiliating. For this reason, it is very essential to develop a personal bond with OB GYN New Jersey or the gynecologist NJ practitioner that you have chosen. In fact, the gynecologist or obstetrician that you choose should be the only one that you frequent for the rest of your life. To help you out, we have written a simple guide to help you out.

Where to Find an OBY-GYN?

Personal recommendations are the best. Ask your female relatives or friends whether they know any good OBY-GYNs. Most of the time, they will know good doctors and they will tell you the good and bad points of each of each doctor. Apart from friends and family, try your family physician. Most doctors hold each other to a higher than normal standard. They will definitely know good talented OBY-GYNs who are willing to take on new patients. If you have recently moved to a new locality, we suggest you check with your insurance provider who will be able to list the approved OBY-GYNs in your particular locality. Another good source is the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists where you will be able to find good board certified professionals.

Medical Philosophy of the OBY-GYN

The medical treatment protocol of every B GYN New Jersey or the gynecologist NJ practitioner will vary considerably. A few may believe in aggressively treating medical conditions while others may believe in a holistic or an organic method of medical treatment or childbirth. Make sure that you discuss the medical approach that the B GYN New Jersey or the gynecologist NJ practitioner will take for your medical condition. It is always better to find a doctor who shares your mindset and your philosophy for treatment.

Make an Appointment and Talk to the Doctor

Before you finalize a doctor, make sure that you call up the doctor’s office and chat with the support staff. Make an appointment with them and inquire about the doctors visit times, number of patients they have and the average time taken for each patient. Ask the office assistants whether the doctor is board certified, if the doctor provides emergency care through the phone, and whether he or she is affiliated with a hospital. A few practices will have rotating doctors who interact with each and every patient. It is necessary for you to visit with a single doctor and ensure that the same doctor is there for any medical emergencies or for the labor. Visit the doctor on the day scheduled and chat with him. Does the doctor seem interested in you personally? Does he take a detailed medical history before proceeding for a complete checkup? Does he explain things clearly and completely?

It really does not matter whether the OBY-GYN is male or female. But it is really important that you are comfortable with them. For the very first gynecologist visit we do recommend a female, just so that you are comfortable. However, there is no actual difference in how a male or female OBY-GYN works. It’s a job that they do as professionally as possible.

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