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Optometry New Jersey: How An Optometrist NJ Can Help Maintain Vision

Posted by floriza in Ophthalmology

One of the most important parts of the body is the eyes. They allow people to see the world around them, read and work. Those who have poor or blurred vision will find that they have difficulty completing day to day tasks. Thankfully this problem can be solved by visiting an optometrist NJ.

Optometry New Jersey:  What is an Optometrist?

An optometrist NJ is a licensed medical professional who is trained to prescribe contact lenses and glasses in the state of New Jersey. They also diagnose and treat eye diseases with medication. Optometrists NJ specialize in many vision therapies to treat eye abnormalities. It is also worth noting that some optometrists NJ will be able to perform laser eye surgery. Before optometrists NJ start treating an eye condition, they will need to do an eye exam.

Do Patients Need to See an Optometrist NJ When Ordering Contact lenses Online?

Unfortunately, many people believe that it is perfectly fine to order contact lenses and glasses online without seeing an Optometrist NJ. This is not a good idea as optometry New Jersey professionals will be able to check what strength glasses or contact lenses a person will need. In the case of contact lenses, the optometrist will have to measure the eye. This will help them determine which size lenses the patient should wear. Wearing ill fitting lenses can lead to eye irritation, infection and in the worst case scenario, loss of vision.

Consumers should also be aware that most states in the US have laws regarding buying contacts online. Online stores are required by law to check that their customers have a valid prescription from an optometrist.

Optometry New Jersey: How to Keep the Eyes Healthy

There are several vision care tips that consumers should keep in mind. Being aware of how to look after the eyes means that consumers will be able to identify problems while they can still be fixed. Firstly, it is important to get an eye check at least once a year. This will determine whether or not a person’s vision is deteriorating or stable. The optometrist can also check if any new eye diseases have developed. It is important to identify and treat eye problems straight away. Delaying treatment could lead to blindness.

As the eyes are fragile, the average person should wear sunglasses for protection. A lot of people simply deal with the strong sun by squinting. While this makes staying out more bearable, it does not protect the eyes.

Lastly, people should gives their eyes a rest every now and then. For example, people who spend too much time staring at the computer put tremendous strain on their eyes. They can give their eyes a break by looking away from the screen every few minutes. Small changes such as this can help keep the eyes healthy.

Those who are having problems with their vision should make an appointment to see an optometrist. As previously stated, all eye problems should be examined and treated immediately.

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