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Orthopedic Surgeon in New Jersey

Posted by floriza in Orthopedics

Orthopedics is the field of medicine that addresses muscle and skeletal problems. In terms of choices of an orthopedic surgeon New Jersey, residents have a variety in regards to both specialty and experience. Treatment options vary depending on the severity of the injury or condition. These options can be surgical or non-surgical.

Orthopedic surgeons offer treatment for a range of injuries and conditions. It could be anything from a broken thumb to osteoporosis to club foot. They are trained to correctly diagnose and treat problems of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons as well as nerves. This includes all sports injuries, congenital diseases, degenerative diseases and tumors that affect the bones. They regularly perform surgeries on the spine, broken or fractured bones, and joint replacement surgeries, and correct deformities of the bones. In cases where patients have lost a limb, they are involved in fitting them for prosthesis. Orthopedic surgeons have to undergo extensive training to earn a license to practice. After completing residency and specialty training an orthopedic surgeon must be certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery. This makes him fully qualified and well skilled when it comes to treating you.

Treatment Options

Treatment for musculoskeletal problems can be surgical or non-surgical. Orthopedic surgeons may prefer to use surgical means to correct a problem. This is however only used where other means have failed or will be inadequate to treat the problem. After setting bones right, your orthopedic surgeon may use braces or casts to help support weak muscles or to keep bones aligned well. Where surgery has already been performed on an injury, they are also involved in the supervision of post-surgery rehabilitation. Orthopedics also makes use of medication when treating certain conditions such as arthritis. Cortisone injections can also be used to alleviate inflammation or pain in the joints. Some doctors may also suggest a change in diet to help in dealing with certain conditions. What treatment option to take will be decided by your doctor after he has examined you and factored in your medical history.

Common Problems Treated By Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons are best known for treating broken bones. With the developments in the surgical field, it is possible for them to repair broken bones in such a way that they heal properly and that you regain full function of your limb. Knee problems are very common as well. It could be from a sports injury or from a degenerative disease. Being the largest joint in the body, the knee tends to be prone to injury or strain. Partial or total joint replacement has become quite common. Other common conditions they treat are lower back problems, shoulder problems, carpal tunnel, and osteoporosis.

Orthopedics is that field of medicine that covers breaks, fractures, injuries, deformities or abnormalities in the skeletal and muscle system. If the condition requires a specialist orthopedic surgeon, New Jersey is home to all types of orthopedic surgeons. Treatment option varies depending on what the condition or injury is, and how severe it is. Your doctor will prescribe an appropriate course of treatment after an examination of your injury. For a solution to your pain problems, find an Orthopedics NJ clinic near you.


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