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4 S’s of Breast Augmentation

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breast augmentation in new york

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is the mostpopular cosmetic surgical procedure in the US. With the increase in demand for these procedures, not only has the surgical process become safer and faster, but the options for obtaining a patient’s desired results have also increased. Before scheduling your breast augmentation surgery there are 4 major decisions that need to be made or the “Four S’s of Breast Augmentation” that need to be considered. First and most important is 1) which surgeon to work with, 2) what size and shape do you desire, 3) what kind of implants (silicone vs saline), and lastly 4) what type of surgical incision to do.


Surgeon Selection

This is the first thing to consider for a few different, but very important reasons. Everyone has heard negative results and most of these complications are due to the surgeons experience and expertise. Most plastic surgery information emphasizes working with board certified plastic surgeons. This is because not only do these certified surgeons have special training for these procedures, but they are also educated on best practices and are up to date on the latest technology in their field. The other reason its important to find the right surgeon is because every other decision made about your breast augmentation surgery will require your surgeon’s expertise. It is very important to make sure you and your surgeon are on the same page in regards to your desired results.


Determining Size & Shape

Once you have found a board certified surgeon, determining the size and shape of the implants you desire is the next step of the process. Deciding what shape, round, anatomical or tear-drop, as well as, what size you want can be tricky without assistance. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will take measurements of the breast and chest area to determine their recommendations for what size and shape will suit you best. Together, you and your surgeon, can come to a decision based on your goals and what will look best, based on your body type. This is especially important with size because oversized implants can lead to visible implants through the skin, stretch marks or accelerated saging.

breast augmentation in New York


Silicone vs Saline

The next decision that needs to be made is whether to get silicone or saline implants. There are pros and cons to both types of implants, however, breast augmentation surgeons in New York often recommend silicone implants because they feel more like natural breast tissue, are much softer and tend not to ripple as much after surgery. On the other hand, saline implants are generally much more cost effective and require a smaller incision during surgical implantation.

Surgical Incisions

The type of surgical incision that is made for the breast surgery is the final decision that is made between you and your surgeon. There are three types of incisions that breast augmentation surgeons typically do; Inframammary (within the breast fold), Peri-Areolar (around the edge of the nipple), Transaxillary (under the armpit). Your surgeon will recommend an incision based on your body type, the implants that you have selected and based on your daily lifestyle. The Inframammary incision is well-concealed and allows the best visualization of the breast tissues. The Peri-Areolar incision is also well hidden, but is difficult to work with when using certain types of silicone implants, not to mention, that there are some risk of difficulty with breast feeding. Transaxillary incisions are visible in certain clothing and is not possible with larger implants.

Breast augmentation incisions in New York

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