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Breast Augmentation After Weightloss

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As we age, breasts can lose volume and skin can sag – especially after massive weight loss. Breasts often change as a result of massive weight loss, but experts say that even 10-15 lbs can change breast volume. Breast augmentation is the most commonly recommended procedure for regaining breast volume, however, there is some debate about whether or not patients should wait to get the procedure after the weight loss transformation is complete. Board certified plastic surgeons from Atlanta encourage waiting to get a breast augmentation procedure until after weight loss for these 3 main reasons.


  • Weight loss is one of the most common physical changes that can drastically affect breast volume. Since breast augmentation is a surgery that can be just as much about reshaping the breasts as restoring volume, any significant weight loss after surgery can change the results.

  • Weight loss may affect the decision on what size of breast implant the patient wants. Remember, the breast is made up of 50% fat, so patients opting for breast augmentation before weight loss may find that they wish they went with a bigger size implant due to the significant fat reduction and volume loss.

  • Waiting to get a breast augmentation till after losing the weight also reduces complication rate, such as, wound healing issues.


It is important to remember that breast augmentation is designed to give patients the breasts they always wanted. We all have weight loss goals, but it is not mandatory for patients to be at their ideal body weight before getting a breast augmentation. Contact a board certified plastic surgeon to get more information on breast augmentation.

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