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A Pulmonologist New Jersey Helps COPD Sufferers

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A Pulmonologist New Jersey is a doctor who specializes in a particular branch of internal medicine. He or she has studied extensively in the area of medicine that pertains to diseases and conditions of the chest such as, pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, and emphysema. Physicians working in the field of pulmonology NJ are often responsible for the care of patients who are placed in the intensive care unit of a hospital, and are on life support and mechanical ventilation.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the term used to cover all chronic lung disorders. People who have COPD disease may suffer permanent damage. A comprehensive treatment approach will include pulmonologists, internal medicine doctors, reparatory therapists, nurses and perhaps even a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Training Required to Become a Pulmonologist

After receiving a medical degree, and completing residency training in the field of internal medicine, a doctor who wants to become a pulmonologist will continue developing his or her specialization with two additional years of training, specifically in the field of pulmonology. Upon completion of this extensive training, the physician is permitted to take a board certification examination. If the physician successfully passes the exam, he or she is certified to practice pulmonology NJ. Most doctors specializing in this field of medicine are also trained in the area of critical care medicine.

When children suffer respiratory ailments consultation with a pediatric pulmonologist New Jersey may be required. He or she is a physician who has a medical degree, has complete a residency in pediatrics, and has gone on to study for at least three additional years in the field of pulmonology. Frequently parents and children visit a pediatric pulmonologist to diagnose a child’s wheezing. The physician is able to conclusively diagnose diseases such as, sleep apnea, cystic fibrosis and asthma.

Services Provided by a Pulmonologist

Pulmonology NJ experts offer comprehensive consultation, diagnosis and therapeutic services for all those who suffer from illnesses that affect the lungs and breathing. Although specialists in cardiothoracic surgery usually perform respiratory tract surgery, a pulmonologist may perform minor procedures. Since their training is specialized and extensive they can diagnose and treat all types chronic obstructive lung diseases. Lung cancer, pulmonary hypertension, sleep disorders and acute respiratory failure are but a few of the diseases their extensive training gives them the ability to treat.

Apart from clinical work, pulmonologists conduct both clinical and basic scientific research of the respiratory system. They investigate the causes and possible treatment of diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis and lung cancer. In the field of medicine, research is a vital component.

Pulmonologists are involved in both clinical and basic research of the respiratory system, ranging from the anatomy of the respiratory epithelium to the most effective treatment of pulmonary hypertension. Scientific research also takes place to look for causes and possible treatment in diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis and lung cancer.

A Pulmonologist New Jersey can provide relief from COPD. This in turn means an improved quality of life.  Pulmonology NJ offers medical regimens customized to fit the individual needs of each patient. This may reduce the dependency on medications, thereby reducing medical costs. It is important for sufferers of COPD to choose the correct doctor, which generally means ongoing treatment from a pulmonologist. He or she will know of the latest techniques, equipment and medications that will alleviate suffering.

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