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New Devices Improve Spine Surgery Techniques

Posted by floriza in Spine Surgery

A number of new spine surgery devices were announced at the 26th annual meeting of the North American Spine Society (NASS) in Chicago in early November 2011.

Medtronic, Inc., a company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, announced two different devices that will be helpful in the field of spine surgery. The first is the T2 ALTITUDE™ Expandable Corpectomy Device, which provides spinal structural support during surgery for trauma and tumor patients. The product is a “self-locking expandable vertebral body replacement cage” that is used in the thoracolumbar vertebrae in order to stabilize the spine.

As a result of the self-locking feature, screws do not have to be used during surgery. Bone grafts can be placed within the device so that fusion can take place inside the T2 ALTITUDE™. The device is available in a variety of sizes and incorporates the company’s implant tracking system.

The other new Medtronic product for use in spine surgery is the MAST MIDLF, which allows spine surgeons to make smaller incisions in the lower back. Smaller incisions decrease the risk of damage to the patient’s tissues and can speed the recovery period, sometimes shortening hospital stays.

The product contains a navigational system that allows the surgeon to place implants accurately without the need for large incisions.

New Invuity Spine Surgery Product

Invuity, a company based in San Francisco, California, produces surgical technology that provides illumination for the surgeon. Its new instruments are geared toward helping spine surgeons see better during intricate surgical procedures.

The new products illuminate the area inside the incision during surgery through a hand-held device that is ergonomic, reducing glare and shadows in small incisions and under tissue flaps so that the surgeon can see without the need for large incisions. Again, smaller incisions are advantageous to the patient because they are less invasive, cause fewer surgical and postsurgical complications, and provide a faster recovery time.

Spine Surgery Statistics

An estimated 150,000+ fractures of the spine occur in the United States and Canada every year. Spinal cord injuries number close to 12,000, most of which are a result of car, bus, and motorcycle accidents.

Spinal fusion surgery is the most common type of spine surgery, with approximately a quarter of a million performed every year in the United States.

Spine surgery in New Jersey and other parts of the country is a specialized field that provides relief from back pain and injuries.

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