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The Benefits of Sports Medicine New Jersey

Posted by floriza in Sports Medicine

Defining Sports Medicine

Physicians that focus on sports medicine treat patients who have injuries that are sport or exercise related. Sports medicine New Jersey specialists will diagnosis, treat, and focus on the prevention of sport or exercise related injuries. There are several levels of expertise when it comes to sport medicine professionals. An individual can earn a certificate in this area of study, a bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree in this area of study. Through this course of study, sports medicine specialists learn the medical and therapeutic aspects of participating in sports and physical exercise.

Individuals who are sports medicine New Jersey physicians have received special training related to this field as well as completed a residency program in another field such as orthopedic surgery or primary care. Many primary care doctors choose to focus on sports medicine after completing a three year family medicine residency after completing medical school. Often those who focus on orthopedic surgery go on to treat athletes involved in professional sports. Other professional opportunities that are available to specialists in this area involve working with active people to improve their lifestyles or physical performance or through working with individuals in injury prevention and recovery. Universities now offer several courses of study for those interested in a career in sports medicine such as kinesiology, athletic training, exercise science, sports coaching, and health promotion. Specialists in this field can work with Olympians and elite athletes using sport psychology techniques to help them perform at their very best. The ultimate goal for specialists is to help people achieve their health and performance goals. This is achieved through nutrition, with the expertise of trainers, coaches, and researchers.

The Benefits of Sports Medicine

Due to more and more people striving to be physically fit and active, there are more sports related injuries that occur. A specialist in sports medicine New Jersey will be able to treat injuries such as concussions caused by severe head trauma, intense muscle cramps where a muscle becomes locked in a spasm, ACL sprains which occur in the knee when the foot is planted but the knee twists to change direction, ankle sprains, and shin splints which occurs when the tissue that attaches the muscles of the lower leg to the shin bone become inflamed or begin to pull away from the bone. These are common injuries that sports medicine physicians can treat and use different therapies to rehabilitate. Education and prevention of sports related injuries are also employed by specialists in sports medicine New Jersey to help athletes perform their best and meet their optimum goals.

Physicians and specialists in sports medicine New Jersey are not only for elite athletes. These services are available for individuals who want to start and exercise program and become active again. If an amateur athlete experiences a sports or exercise related injury a specialist can help treat their injury and get them back to performing at a normal level. They will work with injured individuals to help minimize their time away from school, work, and other activities due to their disability. Physicians focused on Sports Medicine New Jersey encourage injury prevention techniques and promotes life long wellness and fitness.


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