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It’s scary to visit a doctor for the first time. It’s even scarier when you know that you are not well but you have been recommended a specialist in Urology NJ. You’ve finally found the Urologist New Jersey specialist and you’ve taken an appointment but you are really scared. What can you expect at the … Read more

A radiology study conducted by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and published in the journal, Radiation Research, in December 2011 indicates that multiple CT scans may increase the risk of cancer for patients who are particularly susceptible to cancer. The researchers studied mice, which had been especially bred with a gene that made them more … Read more

Drug shortages in the United States are a big problem, but it is an even worse problem for oncology. According to a report published November 14 by the IMS Institute, 500,000 cancer patients may not be able to gain access to the oncology drugs they need as a result of these shortages. Invoice and buying … Read more

Urology professionals disagree with a government advisory committee that proposes to end routine screening for prostate cancer. A survey conducted by U.S. News & World Report shows that over 60 percent of top doctors believe the committee proposal is ill-advised. Doctors believe that routine screening can catch more cases of prostate cancer early enough to … Read more