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Life is fragile and we are all prone to a range of diseases and conditions. With modern times, a whole new range of silent diseases have become the norm. Most of us are walking around without even having checked ourselves for high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol. Of course, you might be thinking, I’m young; … Read more

A pulmonology study conducted at the University of Giessen Lung Center in Germany and published in the journal, Cell, indicates that medication can reverse lung damage. The study was conducted on mice, exposing the animals to tobacco smoke. Prior to developing emphysema, the mice began to develop blood vessel changes and pulmonary high blood pressure … Read more

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that dark chocolate consumption may lower the risk of stroke in women. Conducted in Sweden, the study is one of several that have correlated cardiovascular health with the consumption of cocoa. The cardiology researchers evaluated records of women who participated in a … Read more