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In a sports medicine study published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, researchers found that where elementary school districts mandate the number of hours of recess required, students receive more time in physical activities. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and they found that elementary schools … Read more

In a study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, the researchers theorize that back pain may be largely a result of “improper sequencing of muscle activity.” They believe that some muscles do not work properly when they are supposed to function during movement. This problem, then, leads to pain. The study … Read more

Two separate physiatry studies have found that specialized computer/video games help both Parkinson’s patients and patients in intensive care units to improve movement function A study conducted by the University of California School of Nursing along with Red Hill Studios has shown that certain specialized computer games can assist Parkinson’s patients in improving their ability … Read more

On World Stroke Day, October 29, 2011, a physiatry facility in Los Angeles provided demonstrations of a robotic arm that assists people who have lost arm movement function following a stroke. The device is called the Myomo System, which is short for “My Own Motion,” and was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) … Read more

A recent study published in the journal, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, shows that a particular type of massage therapy can benefit fibromyalgia sufferers. The article is entitled, “Benefits of Massage-Myofascial Release Therapy on Pain, Anxiety, Quality of Sleep, Depression, and Quality of Life in Patients with Fibromyalgia.” The study involved 58 patients, of which … Read more

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) sponsors an annual survey of consumers to assess the popularity of massage therapy. The 2011 survey shows that 90 percent of Americans believe massage therapy can assist in reducing pain. This compares with 86 percent in 2010. Just over 1,000 adults in the United States over the age of … Read more