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The “Boobie Blues”

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Boobie Blues, breast augmentation LexingtonMost mothers remember the symptoms of emotional instability when weaning your child off of breastfeeding. Many mothers experience feelings of sadness, heightened PMS symptoms, impatience or simply the typical roller coaster of emotions. Well ladies, this is also known to happen after a breast augmentation procedure. Due to the commonality of this side effect, women have cleverly coined the term the ‘boobie blues’.

The boobie blues is not technically depression, not in the clinical sense anyway, but rather a temporary melancholy state of mind. The anesthesia and narcotics used for surgery, paired with postoperative discomfort, lack of sleep, and cabin fever can all contribute to these feelings of depression. Another reason patients feel ‘the blues’ is because they often judge their results within a few days of the surgery. Plastic surgeons prep their patients for this because, not seeing the results they expected often causes them to experience a sense of regret for having the breast augmentation procedure done all together. This is why plastic surgeons in Lexington inform patients that because of the swelling and bruising, the size, shape and overall appearance of your breasts will change over the course of the recovery period.

So how do you combat the boobie blues? Seasoned patients have mentioned the following tips will get you through the blues:

  1. that taking a car ride to get some fresh air
  2. distracting your mind
  3. talking to someone about how you feel

After the first 5-7 days, you will notice a significant boost in your mood after freshening up and seeing the “new you” in your clothes. Be patient ladies and contact your breast augmentation surgeon if you have any concerns about the healing process.

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